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It’s raining season , protect your outdoor space.
It’s raining season , protect your outdoor space.

SnailCover (RSC)

This iconic SNAIL COVER model for your valuable VEHICLES in Nigeria, the Retractable Snail Cover (also known as "SNAILCOVER RSC"), protect cars from the sun and severe weather (rain, hail).

By raising and lowering the retractable sensory arms, this cover can be opened and closed in a matter of seconds. This amazing cover is on demand in Lekki, Lagos and Abuja for its contemporary appearance and the Value it adds to your luxury cars.

The Retractable Snail Cover is a protective cover for a single vehicle. Many users buy this product in order to protect other Valuables such as Power bikes, bicycles or scooters, in addition to their car. It should be noted that this dual functionality is enabled by the ONE SNAILCOVER MODEL.

Chose your Retractbale SnailCover:

  •  1 snail: with a fixed PVC wall (available also with the sliding curtain as a spare part). Suitable for wall anchoring

  • 2 snails: with both sides that can be raised to reduce the obstruction once the vehicle is removed

Technical Info

  • • Arched Stainless profiles, mm 45 x 15, white lacquered RAL 9010

  • • Top cover made of PVC 400 g/m² Coversol, right and left sides in flame-retardant Tentmesh  (only fix modules)

  • • Stainless junction kit

  • • Squared holding device made of steel profile mm 40 x 40 white lacquered RAL 9010 (for ground fixation)

  • • Crosses mm 30 x 4 made of Stainless lacquered RAL 9010, which must be fixed to the square holding device ''

  • • String-fastener handles in PVC

  • Roof Lights, 4nos.


  • • Sliding curtain kit (only for 1 snail version)

  • • Small impeller kit

  • • Light-kit with solar panel in one spot

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