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Create a year-round outdoor restaurant dining, rooftop, or pool space with our amazing products and services.
Create a year-round outdoor restaurant dining, rooftop, or pool space with our amazing products and services.
Approachable Architectural Structures (AAS)

Approachable Architectural Structures (AAS)

Indoor & Outdoor Solutions, Facade Improvement(Alucobond Cladding) and architectural ornamentation.

Your Imagination is our Innovation

For 15 years, architects, designers and contractors throughout Nigeria have trusted Approachable Architecture Wood, Concrete,Aluminium, Fabric and Metal Structures, Ltd. For both functional and Aesthetical wood, Concrete, fabric, aluminum and metal structures for skylights, gazebos, Carports, Doors, Awnings, Pergolas, Retractable roofs, Automation, Façade Improvement exhibits and architectural ornamentation. Our customers rely on our tenured professionals to produce solutions that are on time, on budget and provide lasting value to their displays, building and outdoor areas. With so many great reasons to choose Approachable Architectural Structures. Home Owners, Developers, Designers, Contractors, and Architects from around Nigeria trust us with their confidence.

Materials we work with.

(AAS) Approachable Architectural Structures use quality materials sourced by trusted suppliers to bring your project to a reality that's reliable.

  • wood 
  • Metal 
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Titanium
  • Plastic
  • Leather
  • Fabric
  • Composites
  • Polycarbonate
  • Glass
  • polyester, polyethylene and Vinyl.  

Some of the Approachable Architecture ltd exclusives that benefit our customers include:

-Design and sales team personnel, most with a minimum 15 years of experience.
-Ability to meet aggressive schedules, tight deadlines with experienced employees
-AutoCAD design(Architectural Detailing & Presentation), pre press graphic department and on site printing.
-Multiple experienced and trained installation crews
-Over 100,000 linear feet of steel and aluminum tubing at our disposer for immediate manufacturing.
-Fully certified automotive paint booth for quality controlled painting
-Professionally managed safety and training programs
-Delivery Van & Trucks.

Approachable Architecture Wood, Concrete, Fabric and Metal Structures, Ltd. is committed to keeping our clients, just as its invested individuals fulfilled delivering our products and services in a timely manner. Our Goals are clear! Provide a safe work environment for our employees to master their skills. Cultivate a climate that advances constant improvement utilizing risk-based strategic planning; in this way, delivering customer-valued quality products while endeavoring to meet or surpass our client's assumptions, which prompts future business opportunities.