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It’s raining season , protect your outdoor space.
It’s raining season , protect your outdoor space.
Diplopodia Carport

Diplopodia Carport

The Term/Concept Diplopodia is derived from the Millipede Modular Forms insect, designed with innovation to complement contemporary home in Nigeria. The Diplopodia concept is made with acrylic fabric combined with the traditional spiral shape. Don't leave your car exposed to the elements. choose our amazing product today to protect it with a PCV garage.

We have available the car garage in pvc model snail made with 45x15 curved flat Galvanized profiles in white , with 650 gr / mg pvc cover. The pvc car garage is equipped with a ventilation window made with net fabric.


-Protects your car against the elements
-Quick and easy to assemble and use
-The durable cover is waterproof and UV-resistant
-Two ventilation openings reduce condensation
-Strong steel structure for maximum strength and durability
-Innovative and elegant solution

-Frame can be anchored or bolted to the ground
-Can be removed and stored when not in use

With this folding garage from Approachable Architectural Structures ltd, you can park your car for a shorter or longer period and be sure to find a dry and nice car, when you want to use it again. The sturdy and innovative folding garage will protect your car from dust, rain, snow, UV-rays, bird droppings and scratches from people passing by too closely. You can place the elegant folding garage almost anywhere; in parking lots, next to your house, in the yard, at work or other places where you normally park.

The innovative folding garage can also be used for storing and sheltering many other things like garden machines, bicycles, toys and sports equipment.


480x250x200 (length x width x height at the tip)
560x250x200 (length x width x height at the tip)
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