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It’s raining season , protect your outdoor space.
It’s raining season , protect your outdoor space.
Millipede Carport

Millipede Carport

Millipede Cover is the classic cover for vehicles such has SUVs, HummerBus, Truck and much more. It's the excellent answer for individuals who have a limited space and want to make the most of it in Nigeria. In reality, once closed, the overall dimension is modest.

The most versatile cover in the product line is the Millipede Carport. Even though it was designed to cover cars, it can be adapted to a variety of uses such as storage etc.

Its dimensions not only give optimal protection for cars of any size, but also allow it to be used as storage for equipment and machinery, as well as a connecting tunnel.


Technical Info

• Arched aluminium profiles 40 x 35 mm, colour silver
• Galvanized and lacquered RAL 9006 steel crosses, cm 120 x 120, with screws and slides
• PVC top cover, 550 g/m² flame retardant cl. 2, standard width 103 cm
• PVC wall with window in micro-perforated material
• PVC sliding curtain with straps
• Aluminium crossbeam for the sliding curtain with slides and angles
• PVC gable end with window of micro-perforated material
Base version:
• Galvanized steel ground-fixing brackets

Mobile Version:

  • • 2 Metal ground-fixing brackets and 2 carabiners

  • • Lacquered RAL9006 steel tension bars with screws

  • • Nylon wheels with screws, diameter mm 100

  • • Stretching devices (only for tunnels with a modules width lower than 103 cm)

Starting from the length (A) of cm 700 (only for mobile version): eyelets placed on the lateral profile for ground-fixation through straps and stakes/ballasts


  • • Solid rubber tire diam. mm 260

  • • Steel wheel with angle and floor rail

  • • Stretching device (only for base version)

  • • Small impeller kit

  • • Transparent PVC Cristal window

  • • Additional window in micro-perforated material

  • • Sliding curtain kit

  • • Light kit with solar panel two spots

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