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It’s raining season , protect your outdoor space.
It’s raining season , protect your outdoor space.

Sleek Model

Awnings made of gentle bend plexiglass or polycarbonate; perfect for external staircases, balconies, and all other outside openings.
The AAS 3mm versatile steel awnings has a contemporary design structure with a valuable architectural impression, making it perfect for shielding entrance doors, windows, fixtures in general, balconies, exterior steps, and other structures from atmospheric agents.

The wave pattern steel profiles, curved, cut, and machined, are used to construct the frame, which is then integrated with imported accessories and  finished with Polyester powdered coating. This particular model has earned a Sleek name for itself and would transform your entrance.

The compact polycarbonate roofing sheets provide great resistance to atmospheric agents, exceptional impact resistance, durable, and UV protection, giving the material a 10-year guarantee.

These sheets are hermetically encased in the structure and are not secured with screws. Which ensures that they are impervious to airborne contaminants. Transparent, opal, gray, and bronze versions of modular sheets are available.

  • Multiple canopies can be linked for wider shelter
  • Heavy duty
  • 10-Year warranty
  • Provides 100% sun block
  • Its stylish design will suit both modern and period homes and it comes with a ten-year warranty. Do not hesitate to order yours now

The structure comes in white, Black and Colour variants of choice.