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Create a year-round outdoor restaurant dining, rooftop, or pool space with our amazing products and services.
Create a year-round outdoor restaurant dining, rooftop, or pool space with our amazing products and services.


Architectural Carport Designs in Nigeria

Order for your carport online in Nigeria If you want to protect one of your most expensive possessions, a carport is a must-have addition to your home. Good design is very vital when planning a carport as it’s a structure that sits attached, in front of, or next to your home, it should either match or mimic the architecture of the existing buildings.

Approachable Architectural Structures (AAS) Carports and Car Awnings are  one-of-a-kind combination of Aluminum and steel and we use a variety of construction materials, we have a lot of flexibility in key design areas like carports, ensuring that our designs complement the style and feel of your home while also offering a safe haven for your car.

When planning your carport, keep in mind that shire rules for what may and cannot be used in carport design vary greatly. Certain shires demand that roofing, color, and design be adhered to  , while others allow relative freedom in the design process. All shires have specific guidelines as to setbacks from the front of your property as well as boundary issues.

With over 15 years experience dealing with these shires AAS Approachable Architectural Structures are perfectly placed to guide you through what can and can’t be built at your home and we’ll guide you through the design process so that you can make the right choices at this stage and avoid submitting plans that will be rejected.
In addition to this we have a great knowledge of the design nuances that help make a carport seem a part of a home. We’ve built hundreds of carports in recent years and have a huge array of examples to show you for guidance. We can also offer you a 3D CAD design service where we provide you with a great image of your home and your new carport so you can visualize the finished product before you begin.


When choosing carports , what you need is an aesthetic, practical and functional carport that would House your automobile and protect it from rain, hailstorm  and sun’s UV beams which can damage your vehicle. Our Metal carports are made from distinctive materials – steel, aluminum, polycarbonate, plexiglass, corrugated aluminum roofing sheets, polyethylene Fabric, PVC, ACP (Aluminum Composite Panel), our versatile  metal comes in a variety of coatings, and models vary in estimate, styles and designs. Our  carports are designed in Nigeria with imported components and Fabricated by Experienced Architectural Fabricators  with world standard requirements:

Fast assembly


Strength and resistance


High quality manufacturing


Attractive cost

Have you pondered how to get a contemporary classy satisfying carport or throne for your expensive cars, something that will work with the fashion of your house and compliment your home? DO not hesitate to call or whatsapp 08035069183 or email