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Create a year-round outdoor restaurant dining, rooftop, or pool space with our amazing products and services.
Create a year-round outdoor restaurant dining, rooftop, or pool space with our amazing products and services.

Architectonic Awnings

Are you thinking about buying a canopy but aren't sure which one to get? Canopies are now used for a variety of reasons. They are no longer merely for providing shade; they also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the structure. So, if you're seeking for a modern building canopy design, Approachable Architectural Structures is the place to go. We are really proud of our incredible team of highly creative, Architects, engineers, and Technicians are among the devoted professions. They are always available to you around the Nigeria, whether through partnerships or our own facilities. You'll realize how we've been able to stay in business for 15 years and become a prominent provider for bespoke canopies of all types after you view our work.

The numerous types of canopies we offer are displayed below.

Hanging Rods Model
A normal hanger rod canopy is a suspended canopy that is supported by post and hanger, as well as bold lines and bespoke profiles, and adds to the building's aesthetic value. These wall-mounted canopies are made of.078-inch thick metal interlocking pans that seem flush when viewed from below. These are great for Petrol Stations, Church, Event Center, Office Complex and shopping Mall entrances.

Louvers Model
These are made up of a set of parallel metal louvers that are both light and strong. These louvers are built in such a manner that they produce a free-flowing impression, allowing you to choose between basking in the sun and enjoying the shade. Another significant benefit of this type of canopy is that when it rains, the water drains away neatly without wetting your patio, keeping you dry.

Walkway Model
We are also recognized for producing pathway canopies for various locations, such as schools, hospitals, government buildings, and corporate campuses, in addition to the aforementioned canopies.

So, if you're interested in purchasing a canopy or have any questions about the type or size, you can contact us at 08035069183 also available on whatsapp.


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