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It’s raining season , protect your outdoor space.
It’s raining season , protect your outdoor space.
Retractable Roof

Retractable Roof

Approachable Architectural Structures is Nigeria's leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of retractable roofs. We are committed to the pursuit of high quality products that serve residential and commercial facilities , with architectural and Engineering design, high quality raw materials, high performance and competitive prices.  We have a list of clients we have worked with in lagos- ikoyi, lekki, banana Island and many more.

Our Design comes in different shapes and Forms, controlled with a touch of button.

We are Always by your side
From design to installation, our Architects follow you every step of the way, helping you choose the best solution and working with the head company to create the perfect product for you.

Coverings for terraces, balconies, rooftops, gardens, Restaurant and bars. Modular closing structures. Architecture, design and decoration for your outside balcony hospitality room. No license permit needed.

We create tailor-made product for you

Each of our products is tailor-made to the millimeter. All our Structures are uniquely conceived and designed according to your needs.

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