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It’s raining season , protect your outdoor space.
It’s raining season , protect your outdoor space.

16 Quart Portable Car Compressor Camping Refrigerator

Original price ₦362,000.00
Current price ₦301,728.00
SKU 40762931

This vehicle refrigerator features a large storage capacity of 16 quarts (15L) and a long service life. Suitable for Everyone who desires to have a chilled drink after a long day after work, or chilled drinks with friends at the beach. Your trip is not fulfilled without this Refrigerator .

    • Color: White
    • Material: ABS and PP
    • Overall dimension: 23" (L) X 12.5" (W) X 10" (H)
    • Capacity: 16 Quart (15 Liter)
    • Net weight: 24 lbs/10.88kg
    • Rated power: 45 W
    • Voltage: 12/14V DC, 110V-240VAC, 50-60Hz
    • Average consumption: 0.15kwh/24h
    • Temperature range: -0.4°F ~+50°F
    • Noise: ≤45 dB
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Vehicle refrigerator
    • 1 x User manual
Key Features
  • Fresh Food and Cold Beverages Outdoors: This car refrigerator comes with two handles for easy carrying and is ideal for outdoor activities such as travel, picnics, and vacations. It has a built-in rubber sealing strip and iron-absorbing stone for reliable sealing and dependable proprietary construction. With this refrigerator, you can enjoy fresh food or cold drinks anytime, anywhere.
  • Energy-saving Design and Fast Cooling: Our car refrigerator comes in 2 different modes: MAX and ECO. Using MAX mode, cool your food and beverages quickly to save time and improve efficiency. Using the ECO mode, the compressor operates in an energy-saving mode, consuming only 0.15kwh/24hrs.
  • Large Capacity to Meet Any Need: This vehicle refrigerator's capacity is up to 16qt (15L), which will easily meet your travel needs, such as keeping fruits, drinks, vegetables, meat, etc. fresh and cool. It can also be used at home to meet the needs of everyday domestic life. In addition, you can set the refrigerator to a freezing temperature for different items, as you need.
  • Intuitive Temperature Display with Easy Controls: The LCD touch panel display provides a simple and clear operation interface to help users toggle between modes and adjust temperature digitally. You can switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius using the display panel to meet your preference. The controllable temperature range is from -0.4°F ~+50°F (-18°C~10°C)
  • Sturdy Construction with Safety Guarantee: Our refrigerator is made of durable ABS and PP, and equipped with a UL certified power cord. This refrigerator boasts three-level power protection to protect automobile batteries, and has a shock-proof design, ready to face the most turbulent of roads. It also features multiple air outlets to effectively increase heat dissipation.

This vehicle refrigerator features a large storage capacity of 16 quarts (15L) and a long service life.


The portable and compact design makes it ideal for outdoor activities such as travel and camping, excellent for keeping your drinks, fruits, meats, and vegetables cool – improving  your quality of life on the road or at home. This compact refrigerator for car and home comes with a fast cooling mode and energy-saving mode. The LCD display screen allows you to control temperatures accurately. Made of high-quality materials and equipped with three-level battery protection and shock-proof features, this portable car refrigerator is convenient for daily use on the road. At the same time, this refrigerator can also be used at home. Its low noise output ensures a comfortable and quiet environment.


If you are looking for it, don't hesitate, buy one now!


    • It has MAX (fast cooling) mode and ECO (energy saving) mode.
    • It can cool quickly with a controllable temperature range between -0.4°F ~+50°F (-18°C~10°C)
    • Large storage space accommodates refrigerating drinks, vegetables, fruits, meat, ice cream, and more
    • The easy-to-operate LCD display clearly shows temperature, mode, and power
    • You can freely switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius using the display panel
    • Shock-proof design protects the safety of equipment while driving on any road
    • Three-level automobile battery protection system prevents the exhaustion of automobile batteries
    • Portable handles and compact design make for easy carrying, suitable for all manner of outdoor activities
    • Low noise output and low energy consumption
    • Equipped with USB charging port for cell phones and other mobile devices