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Create a year-round outdoor restaurant dining, rooftop, or pool space with our amazing products and services.
Create a year-round outdoor restaurant dining, rooftop, or pool space with our amazing products and services.

Swimming Pool Ladder w/ Anti-Slip Steps

Original price ₦142,811.95
Current price ₦119,009.95
SKU 32146790

3-Step Swimming Pool Ladder w/ Anti-Slip Steps

Key Features

● Go out of Pool Using 3 Steps and Bent Handrail: The pool ladder adopts anti-slip footstep to ensure enhanced safety. It can protect you from slipping when you are ready to go out the pool and step on the pedal in water. The bent handrail is designed to bring much more convenience in grabbing.
● 304 Stainless Steel for Higher Durability: The 304 stainless steel, the selected material of this pool ladder, features better rust resistance and higher durability than 201 stainless steel seen in the market. More, precise polishing endows the ladder with a glossy appearance and protective surface.
● Solid Connection and Sturdy Structure: The solid connection between each part and main part makes for stronger rigidity, accounting for higher load-bearing capacity up to 331 lbs. You can use this pool ladder with enough confidence due to the reinforced structure and professional design.
● Easy Assembly Requires Less Effort: It comes with complete accessories including 2 handrails, 3 steps, 6 screws, 2 decorative cover, and embedded parts that allow it for quick installation. Thanks to easy-to-follow instruction, the installation would not take up you too much time and energy.
● Used in Commercial Spaces or Private Pools: The swim ladder can be used in either commercial spaces from outdoor bath pavilion to indoor pools or private pools. Wherever the pool ladder is, it is capable of serving to reduce required effort going out of pool and never let you down.


Made of premium 304 stainless steel which is superior to 201 in rust resistance and durability, the inground ladder can provide you with better using experience.


If you are looking for a pool ladder to upgrade your swimming pool with more convenience, then you should not miss this stainless steel pool ladder. It is well known that the pressure is greater underwater which may give rise to dangerous slip. Thereby, this ladder is designed with anti-slip footstep to extremely protect your safety when you step on the footstep. Meanwhile, the bent handrail is comfortable enough for you to grab. There is no need to worry about whether this pool ladder would cause accidence since the solid connection and sturdy structure ensures great reliability. Detailed instruction makes it easier for you to assemble the ladder in a short time. So why not bring it to your swimming pool and enjoy the convenience available for you? 


If you are looking for such a product. Don't hesitate to buy it

    • Anti-Skid footstep, protect you from slipping for enhanced security
    • Bent handrail for comfortable and convenient grab
    • High-quality stainless steel, excellent rust resistance for longer service time
    • Precise polishing for long-lasting glossy surface
    • Reinforced structure, solid connection for stronger load-bearing capacity
    • Easy to assemble, save you time and energy
    • Appropriate for both residential usage in the private pool and commercial places